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Qualified Integrative Psychotherapist       07519439101

I offer individual online and face-to-face weekly confidential psychotherapy in Margate. I work empathically using a range of approaches tailored to your needs.  My practice is relational, and existential and is centered on the therapeutic relationship we build collaboratively. 

I specialise and have experience with a range of issues such as trauma, sexual abuse, anxiety, fertility, depression, feelings of stuck-ness, relationship issues, issues related to neurodiversity, issues around psychiatric diagnosis and eating disorders. I am LGBTQIA+ friendly and kink-aware. ​I work ethically and adhere to the UKCP's and BACP's ethical framework. ​

I offer in-person sessions on Thursdays and Fridays in Margate or online from my home.

I charge £75 per session and have concessions available.  


About my therapy

The first few sessions will be a chance for you talk, be heard and see if you would like to work with me. I may encourage you to slow down and will ask you to explore aspects of your experiences. ​


Generally I do not work with directive or diagnostic approaches to therapy, as I focus on understanding your existence as you experience it. However, we can explore what may work best for you collaboratively. I seek to explore your experience of anxiety, stuck-ness or pain as a challenging but essential part of living.  

I am a registered member of the BACP and have UKCP accreditation. I have seen a diverse range of clients for five years as part of my Integrative Psychotherapy training at the Metanoia Institute and in private practice. 

I have an MSc in Integrative Psychotherapy from the Metanoia Institute, where I trained for five years. 


I have been a teacher in secondary schools for 14 years and currently teach art part-time in an SEN school for students with a range of needs. I use art for my personal development, enjoyment and with clients who are open to this.

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